About Us

The Naomi Gieser Memorial Highlandtown Preschool at Breath of God Lutheran Church is a high quality early childhood education program serving students ages three to four years old. We value the diversity of the community we serve and strive to create an education program that incorporates the cultural and religious diversity of our students and families.

The Highlandtown Preschool works with students and their families to develop the skills needed to successfully transition into kindergarten through a child-focused, play-based, nature-integrated curriculum, and by building strong family and community partnerships.

We believe that when families are engaged in their students’ learning and have access to resources to meet their basic needs, students get off to a strong start in their educational and personal development.

Mission: The Highlandtown Preschool provides high-quality and accessible early learning opportunities to the economically and culturally diverse families of Southeast Baltimore. Through a play based curriculum and with a strong focus on community, our students develop their social, emotional, academic and spiritual abilities. 

Vision: The Highlandtown Preschool will help foster a Southeast Baltimore community where young learners from all backgrounds are prepared for success in school, where parents are informed and empowered to make educational decisions for their children, and where local residents and organizations work together to support families and students