Callie Colgan, Teacher

Callie Colgan was the first member of our teaching staff here at the Highlandtown Preschool and has done so much to shape the adventurous, exploration-based, nature-focused aspect of our school.

She has a wealth of experience serving our community and providing educational opportunities to learners of all ages and abilities. During her 11 years in our community, Callie has served at the Patterson Park Audubon, Friends of Patterson Park and the Irvine Nature Center’s Nature Preschool and we are lucky to have her experience and creativity at our school.

Callie says that it was through her work as a teacher at the Nature Preschool where she found her true passion in working with our youngest learners. Callie holds a degree in Recreation Therapy from Ohio University, and is currently pursuing her Master of Education. She cultivates the notion that everyone should be able to play hard, learn in a way that best fits their learning style and enjoy pursuing anything and everything that they want.